Interested In Buying Diamond Jewelry? Start With The Basics!

Now that you know more about your diamond, you probably wonder how to sell the diamonds without getting scammed. The best thing to do, would be selling your diamond inside the family or to your friends. This works for all jewelry and promises you a safe transaction which relies not only upon the value of your stone, but also on sentimental value and look value of the jewelry.

Another important thing which you must consider is color. Colorless diamond or white is the most precious color. The size and weight of diamond is measured in carat. The average size of a ring is in between half a carat to one carat. You can check your diamond with the magnifying glass and you can see the small inclusions.

Her engagement ring from Kris Humphries got her into this spot. The million-worth, 20.5-carat custom-designed piece sports a 16.5-carat emerald cut center stone placed between two 2-carat trapezoids with a platinum band. Kris had the ring designed after a replica of a ring Kim had coveted at a young age, according to people. Friend and jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz turned that “dream ring” from her childhood into the sparkling ring she’s sporting now.

Quality matters quite a bit. I’ve seen people buy what they are told are “milk diamonds”, when in fact what they have is a very cloudy, flawed diamond. No sparkle or beauty at all. When possible, you should get at least a basic idea as to the quality of diamonds you are purchasing. For single stones this can be specific, with a fully rated stone, while multiple stones may be best described with a range.

The engagement ring is the catch of the event and hence, it also needs to be a stunning piece. The ring needs to be holding a stone that could make the couple look scintillating. Sapphires, ruby, emeralds, etc. are among the colourful stones that are becoming progressively trendier. However, the effects of diamonds have been conventional and are still in trend for their higher values.

The marquise cut precious stones are one of the most elegant and traditional shapes. The bow tie effect is a sign of a good marquise cut stone. If you don’t recognize this effect then the stone is too short or fat. The shape of the marquise cut can remind us on a football. Its appearance is similar to the oval cut with the major difference being the tapering points at both ends.

If you take them off when you do housecleaning and wash, they can collect dust. Soaps, lotions, and our natural skin oils, can cause film and grime which can dull the brilliance of your wedding ring alternatives.

Watch the video on the left-hand side of the page to see the casual, fun banter between Ashley Hebert and Chris Harrison. It’s obvious these two became good friends during her time on the Bachelorette 2011. At the end of the show, which isn’t in the video, they joked about the recent engagement story in life & Style. While there was no ring on Ashley’s finger, neither of them ever denied she was engaged.