Chad Ochocinco Proposes To Evelyn Lozada With 10 Carat Diamond Ring

You can also consider having a packet of chocolates or candies. Girls do love to have chocolates, especially if gifted by her boyfriend. But before that, visit a good restaurant where you both will feel comfortable. With some efforts you can surprise her to the fullest. Here is how you can do it for a perfect unforgettable evening.

After considering the cut you must focus on the clarity of diamond. You must check for inclusions which are blemishes and imperfections in the diamond. Always remember that the value of diamond reduces up to 10 percent because of lower clarity. To have guidance on excellent clarity you can also visit the websites.

You must also think about her taste and liking. It is very important to buy a ring according to the choice of her. You can know about her taste by paying attention to the jewelry she wears daily or you can chat with her friends or close relatives.

Is a wedding ring alternatives absolutely necessary? Curse the Archduke, but yes, it is. Jewelers tell us that over eighty percent of American women receive a wedding ring alternatives. The remaining twenty percent merely wish that they had.

The most popular engagement bands are yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. There is no wrong choice. It all depends which color she prefers. If your intended has a lot of silver jewelry, she will probably prefer a white gold or platinum band. If, however, she wears a lot of gold, she may prefer yellow gold.

One should be very cautious while buying a Diamond. Always keep in mind the 4C’s i.e. cut, clarity, color and carat. These days one can even trust online stores, while buying diamond jewelry. Quality product is provided by them at your doorsteps.

Take a chance and offer her a beautiful red rose. You can even use the bud of red roses and find similarities between your love and the budding rose. A sentence like ‘Our love is like this budding red rose’ can take her to another planet altogether. Tell her as the thorns protect the red rose, so will you protect her from the ugly eyes of the world.

The Channel settings: This sort of settings involves individual settings of the diamonds. This offers the rings with much more of the protection and hence, is mostly used in the eternity rings.