What To Look For In An Engagement Ring

Thus, you need to offer her en engagement rings with all your imagination and feelings that you possess for her. For obtaining such kind of ring, seeking online assistance would be apt. With the online world, you would be able to get your ring through ‘Design Your own Ring’ option.

Know her choice: This is another step that can be quite confusing at times. This is the reason why you must research about her taste in jewellery. With numerous options under categories like wedding ring alternatives,white gold engagement rings and yellow gold diamond rings, you will get baffled, especially if you are shopping alone. So, if you don’t want to take the risk of buying the wrong ring, it is better to know what your fiance would like to wear (and show off!) on her engagement finger. This will allow you to make an apt selection.

Ultimately your choice of engagement ring will depend on your budget and your taste, but the 4 Cs can be an useful guideline when choosing your diamond.

You won’t always be able to get this information because not all diamonds are rated. But you can pay attention to whether a company ranks the diamonds as A, AA, AAA or AAAA, knowing that the more “A”s the ring has, the better they consider the stones to be, and that the differences can be quite significant.

Before purchasing your diamond ring you must also make sure that the diamonds which are set on your engagement ring are certified from reputed lab such as AGS and GIA. A certificate issued by reputed lab will help you to feel confident in your shopping and you will be assured that you are getting the best deal.

A diamond is graded on four criterias, commonly called the 4 C’s, used worldwide to tell the quality of diamonds. Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat (weight). There is a range for all of these characteristics and we would all want them to be perfect, except for the Carat weight, which defines the size of the diamond. If this is not really something you understand, keep in mind that what you expect from a diamond is its ability to returns the most light that enters into it. That said, the better it is graded, the more brilliant and sparkling it is.

An engagement ring symbolizes love,security and dedication. It’s just a simple thing but carries an important meaning in every part of a woman’s life. Once a man proposed to his woman it means that he wants his woman to be his future bride. A woman wearing an engagement ring shows to the world that she’s committed and soon to get wed. It will be a pride on a woman’s part if she will have this kind of experience. The once in a lifetime moment that she can treasure.

The marquise cut precious stones are one of the most elegant and traditional shapes. The bow tie effect is a sign of a good marquise cut stone. If you don’t recognize this effect then the stone is too short or fat. The shape of the marquise cut can remind us on a football. Its appearance is similar to the oval cut with the major difference being the tapering points at both ends.